Gas Poison Used At US Consulate In Germany


BERLIN – New attacks took place against US Embassies and Consulates across the world, following the deadly attack on the US Consulate in Libya on Monday.

In Berlin, Germany, the American Consulate has been partially vacated over concerns of the presence of poisonous gas.

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US Consulate in Berlin was vacated after police suspected poisonous gas in the building. Photo Credit: Photo News

The visa department of the US Consulate was vacated when an employee became ill after opening a suspicious looking envelope, which was handed to her by a visitor, according to Berlin police.

Reportedly the visitor is an Albanian who had requested a visa to the United States.

The woman who became ill said she could taste ‘metal’ in her mouth.

Co-workers were allowed to return to work after authorities had verified there was no danger to them and the building was safe.

A spokesperson for the Berlin fire department said three US consulate workers had complained about shortness of breath.

In Yemen, hundreds of protesters managed to enter the premises of the Embassy building in Sanaa. Security forces managed to push the perpetrators back using water canons and firing warning shots.

US Embassy in Yemen attacked by Muslims. Photo Credit: Photo News

One protester was killed during the raid.

Anger with an American made movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’ is allegedly the underlying cause for the Muslim protests and violence aimed against the United States.

In the film Prophet Mohammad is ridiculed and radical Muslims claim the movie is anti-Islam.

Libyan authorities believe that the US Consulate attack on Monday night was the work of Qaddafi followers as well as al-Qaeda.

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